Comparing Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln


Barack Obama is an amazing leader and many of his strong qualities are comparable with those of other great leaders throughout history. One historical leader Obama is often compared with is Abaraham Lincoln, the United States's sixteenth president.


Obama is able to inspire through speaking. Getting straight to the hard issues while still creating the feeling of national unity for his listeners is a skill that is close to Lincoln’s amazing speaking abilities.

Videos of Obama's speechs

click here- Inaugural Address

click here- Victory Speech

Click here- 2004 DNC Speech

Abraham Lincoln Facts:

Born: Febuary 12th 1809

First Term:1861-1865

Second Term: Was elected for a 2nd term, but was assassinated soon afterward. 

National Issues: Civil War, Reconstruction

Party: Republican

Lincoln's Campaign

Lincoln was the republican candidate in 1860 who was known as a moderate who could appeal to the West. With the help of Republican offices and supporters, Lincoln won his campaign by telling his life story, a child raised in poverty who made his way to the top. 


Obama, much like Lincoln, finds himself elected in the middle of a crisis. For him, a second depression may be occurring, for Lincoln the country was split by the strong feelings towards slavery and a war was about to take place. Both of these men have been faced with challenges. Lincoln’s were overcome, Obama’s may very well be.                

Transcripts of Lincoln's speechs

click here- First Inaugural Address

click here- Gettysburg Address

click here- Emancipation Proclamation

Barack Obama Facts:

Born: August 4th 1961 

First Term: 2009-

National Issues: Economic Crisis, Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Climate Change

Party: Democrat

Obama's Campaign

Obama won his campaign by creating hope of a better tomorrow for his country. His catch phrase, "Yes We Can," and inspirational posters all helped to promote his ideals for change in America.

click here for Obama's campaign commercial "Yes We Can"

To see the speech "Yes We Can" was based on click here


Abraham Lincoln was a successful president and historical figure, and Obama is known to look to him for ideas as well as quotes to use in his own speeches. These two great men, Obama and Lincoln are similar in many ways, may it be their speaking abilities, their situations, or their campaign stratagies. If all goes well, the comparisons will continue when Obama does an amazing job at dealing with our current situation.

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